AJ Foster

Hello there! I'm AJ.

A little about me...

  • Sofware developer at Pluralsight focused on creating interactive coding challenges.
  • Background in Mathematics with an acute interest in Graph Theory.
  • Volunteer at FIRST Tech Challenge robotics tournaments.

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Things I've written

Writing Commit Messages in Atom
A better way to use Atom as your Git commit message editor.

Tombstones in Typography
Some thoughts and examples of using the tombstone in typography on the web.

End of the old FTA
Reflection on my volunteer role as the FIRST Tech Challenge changes for the 2015 season.

Using Other Lanugages in Ruby
Notes from my presentation at the June 2015 University Ruby meetup at Cloudspace.

Getting Started with Git
Notes from my lecture given to PHY 3905; Spring 2015.

Terminal Basics
Notes from my talk "Exploring Terminal" for Design & Code at UCF.

Notes from Front-End Design Conference 2014
July 10-11, 2014 in St. Petersburg, Florida

CreativeQ Project Reflection
CreativeQ is my first Rails application to see production. This is a reflection on the development process so far.